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About Morgan Loves To Reid

About MorganLovesToReid:

morgan by a tree

I got the idea for ML2R after a season of feeling really unplaceable – like I didn’t belong anywhere. Being in a different stage of life than most of my friends, along with developing a lot of counter-cultural ideas after getting married and leaving my hometown, left me feeling like a bit of an oddball.

But I realized that with or without people agreeing with me or even taking an interest in the things that thrill me – I am really enjoying this person God’s crafting me to be =D I want to dive into it and embrace whole-heartedly this life He’s planned for me. Enjoying Him every step of the way.

This site is an altar-keeper. A place for me (and my family) to look back and remember all He’s done. He’s so worthy. Feel free to join me = )

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