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About The Reids

About Me:

MLTR Sea turtle

I am so not a writer. I don’t cringe at incorrect grammar and I hardly notice those red squiggly underlines under my typed words anymore (SpellCheck is my BFF).

But I love connecting – sharing ideas, photos, ups-and-downs with other people makes my heart race. This page is a great place for that.

I am obnoxiously passionate about Jesus, natural/crunchy living, Primal/Paleo, all things homemaker and most recently, 1st century Jewish Culture. So you’ll probably read a lot about that on here.


About Them:
I’m married to the most amazing guy. Really. There’s no way I could ever deserve him. His name is Nathan but I like to call him “Nater.” =) And as of October 2013, I’m a Mama to Autumn Chara (pronounced “car-ah,” it’s Greek for “Joy”). She’s a squishy delight that has changed me little-by-little since the moment I found out she was inside me.

About Us:
Although I’ve spent my whole life in Ohio, in April 2014 we headed South for Austin, Texas.

We hope to live lives that align with our King and His messages. For years we thought we would do that through homesteading and connecting people in the inner city with the cool things that we were doing. Now, we’re not so sure. Self-discovery and a year of dabbling have made things kinda blurry. So we’re still learning; still trying to follow in His steps and enjoy Him in all that entails.

(& We’d love your prayers.)

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