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Why Jesus?

I’ve put off writing this because I have no idea how to word it in a way that would do Him justice.

But if you’ve ever wondered “what’s so great about Jesus” or written Him off because of the words and actions of “Christians”, all I can say is this:

I’m getting to know Him & He’s changed everything.

The way He loves.
Who He is.
All He’s done.

Where do I begin?

I’ll post my testimony very soon and link it here, but for now, I ask you to dive into getting to know Him for yourself. Not from what your friends, grandma, sunday school teacher have told you. Not from what you’ve heard on the news or even what I have to say.

Just asking Him to show you who He is, is the best place to start.

If you’re curious enough to take it a step further I’d suggest reading the Gospel of John (the HCSB version is my favorite) and/or Gospel: Rediscovering what made Christianity so Revolutionary by J.D. Greear. Life changing if you’re already a Christian or not.


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